Pay Back Advertising (PBA)

Any opportunity of your choice randomly rotated at RotateLinks Pro and all member pages on the Money Station Network for 330 DogeCoins for 30 - 60 days.

To place your advertising send 330 DogeCoins to the following wallet address.


If you don't have 330 DogeCoins and you don't want to buy any, but still want to advertise, scroll down the page for details of how you can get Free DogeCoin$.

A PBA purchase is for unlimited banner impressions of a single opportunity and is totally dependent on the number of visitors these sites receive. You can advertise as many acceptable opportunities as you wish or if you prefer you can increases the amount of impressions an opportunity receives by increasing the number of PBA Packages you purchase.

Example: Send 990 DogeCoins to the above address and we can advertise 3 different opportunities for you or 1 opportunity 3 times as much as we would for a single PBA purchase.

Why Is It Called PayBack Advertising?

For every DogeCoin you spend you will receive 1 share in our DogeCoin Pool which will be valid for 3 months. You will receive a PAYBACKBONUS from your shares within the DogeCoin Pool. The amount is totally variable and could be more or less than you paid, as no guarantee of a fixed amount is given or implied.

Mystery Bonus:

SuperPay Me!

The SuperPay banner above belongs to a randomly selected PayBackAdvertising buyer and is a fantastic additional source of income especially if you are following THIS PLAN.

How Do I Get FREE DogeCoin$?

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